I am always on the lookout for a PhD and/or a MS student. Funded positions are usually announced. If interested, send me a note and we can chat informally and discuss possible opportunities.



Any interest in plants and microbes are always welcome!

Here are some expectations to know before joining the lab:

  1. ) A minimum commitment of 5-6 hours of work per week for 6 months.
  2. ) Read literature and participate in weekly lab meetings and presentations. any outreach activities conducted by the  lab. We do field work as well so participation in some of the fieldwork is expected.
  3. ) Adhere to Lab SOPs and follow guidelines where necessary. Contribute to the maintenance of lab organization, cleanliness and overall morale.

Here are some characteristics I look for:

  1.  Self-motivated and self-sufficient and a strong drive to work hard and excel.
  2.  Must be able to work well with other members of the lab.
  3.  Must possess Integrity, honesty and most importantly kindness.

Funding opportunities for undergrads at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi

LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority participation). This program is for any full-time student at TAMU-CC interested in engaging in a faculty-sponsored research. Must be available to work >10 hours/week on a research project during the academic year

McNairs Scholar. Available for juniors and seniors.

Student research Competition. The goal of this program is to support student research conducted in any degree-granting program on campus under the direction of a faculty mentor. Awards can be up to $800.