May 2024

  • Congratulations to Bree Garcia (McNair Scholar and Honors student) for graduating this Spring! She will be moving on to Novaeastern U in Florida for her masters degree
  • Congratulations to Georgia Harris (LSAMP Scholar) for graduating this Spring as well!
  • Honors thesis of Lumibao Lab alum is now published in Wetlands Ecology and Management Journal!

Our Lab end of school year celebration at Lumpia House #2 (a Filipino restaurant)


April 2024

  • Three students (Yue Liu, Bree and Georgia) presented at the Texas Bays and Estuaries Meeting in Port Aransas, Texas.


                                                   Yue Liu (PhD student)                                Bree Garcia                                                      Georgia Harris

March 2024

  • Georgia Harris is accepted into grad school at University of Maine in Orono. Congratulations, Georgia!!
  • Our review paper (co-authors Dr. Lumibao and Georgia) on Global distribution of fungi in coastal wetlands has been accepted in Estuaries and Coasts.


October 2023

  • Georgia Harris presented her work at SACNAS Meeting in Portland!


May 2023

Grace Rush, Honors student, graduated today! Congratulations, Grace!


April 2023

  • Grace Rush presented her Honors project of excellence at the TAMU-CC Symposium for Student Innovation, Research, and Creative Activities last April 2023!
  • Dr. Candice Lumibao was awarded the AAUW Research Publication Grant in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. She will be assessing the decoupling in taxonomic diversity and microbial functions following exposure to environmental contaminants beginning June 2023.